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we are better together

Buddys is a free way to connect with other people walking the same journey as you. Life is full of ups and downs.  Connecting with other people who understand how you feel provides comfort for now and hope for the future. You are not alone on your journey.
Connect, share, learn and grow. 

our mission

to provide a safe and secure mobile network for people to connect and support one another during life challenges.

buddys. find one. be one.


communicate with buddys


share experiences in a public forum to inspire others around a common topic 

small groups

join a small group based on a common journey and help buddys connect with one another

one to one

send text messages and .gifs in a private text based chat room

life preserver

a meaningful connection when you need it the most


why buddys

When you've lost a loved one, a job, a relationship, or struggle to get through the day, it can be hard to find someone who truly understands the hardships that you experience in life.  We all need closer, personal relationships with others who get what we are going through.

We are a community of heartfelt connections and emotional lifelines. Our ability to suggest Buddys Like You is what separates us from other support networks.  No more searching through profiles or reading posts, hoping to find someone like you. Our community provides support, comfort, and hope across many different journeys.

Free online therapy - anytime, anywhere - with Buddys who understand you.


how buddys works

create profile

answer a series of questions to help connect with others


buddys will match users with others on a similar journey, age, and location


through one to one messaging, open communities, and user-created groups


be heard. be understood.

I talk with my therapist once a week, and use my buddys app for daily conversations with others who understand what I am going through.

- Olivia, mental health & loss of loved one buddy


connect with buddys

find comfort knowing someone understands your journey.


download the buddys app today

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